Bekannter Fremder [3]

familiar-stranger-antiquus-ego_sigi-kleiner(Finales Werk dieser Serie; gemischte Materialien auf A5; 1,5 Stunden)

Nun hat die Skizzen Serien “Bekannter Fremder” ein Ende gefunden. Aber vielleicht ist dieses Ende nur ein weiterer Anfang.

Dieses Werk wird von einem Gedicht begleitet, welches mir während dem Skizzieren in den Sinn kam.

Antiquus Ego

I left the door open – come live in my life
Words unspoken  – all pages I fill with lines
Banned on paper – stay to remember
Crushed by distant reality – I’m hoping

Sing or scream it all – the memories keep fading
A sudden glimpse backwards – is all what is left
I’ll look into the sky – am send back in time
All the weight of thousand faces – right between my shoulders
A heavy heart – a light soul

Tell me from forgotten days – before my time
Many sides to every story – what’s another lifetime?
I see faces beyond morning glory clouds – a soft illusion
The light leads the way – the shadows whisper of forgotten names

And I keep walking – until the end of my time
But this will never end – because I want more
Now I can see burried pain – see the bright behind
After the night when I wake up – I’ll see what tomorrow brings
Crushed and filled with all I found – Underneath and inside 

All I find – familiar strangers
Forgotten by time

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