Der Tod is ein Charmeur

Der Tod is ein CharmeurWeiterlesen

->>Materialien: Wasserfarben, Bleistifte, Tusche
->>Größe: A4
->>Fertiggestellt: 17.8.2014
->>Teil der “Inner Dämonen”-Serie.
->>inspiriert von alten Tagebuch-Einträgen (2008) vom Gymanisum
When all dreams are broken,
all hope is lost
and the light goes out.
When I feel lost, lonely or sad.
…when I feel broken, desperate.
there’s still something I can count on:
In my darkest hour,
a gentle voice will call my name,
will charm me:
“Come with me,
oh come with me.
You’ll never be sad again,
or feel lonely …or broken.
I promise you,
everything will be alright,
if you just come with me,
you’ll see the light again.”
Oh Death,
again and again,
you try to persuade me,
you appear in all beautiful shapes,
try to look attractive,
you tell me all the things I want to hear.
Ah, you’re so good at it.
Sometimes you nearly get me.
Sometimes I really forget
all the chances life offers me
day by day.
You damn charmer.