Hagure [Skizze]


Spontane, eskalierte Skizze von Hagure, dem dritten Mitglied des Zeit-Zirkels.

“For so long… I searched for a meaning
I tried to understand the secret of life.

I’ve been living for so long,
I have seen regimes and worlds
through time and ages.
I have seen worlds collide.
Rise and fall, rise and fall,

Once again.
I have seen it all.

I saw golden times and bloodbaths.
Wonders, as well as atrocities.
All in front of my eyes,
and I wonder
if my dream already ended long ago.

And I wonder
Why am I here to try again?
And I wonder
What awaits me at the end,
If I’ll see the truth.

My destiny is forlorn.

…At least I’m on my way
like I always was.”

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